Portable Weigh-in-Motion

Portable Weigh-in-Motion

LS-630-WIM Dynamically or Statically Reports Axle & Gross Vehicle Weight.

Portable weigh-in-motion allows you to quickly monitor your truck weights in areas where you have no access to a weighbridge.

Consisting of just a wireless indicator, two scales and roll up ramps, the system is fully portable in the back of a ute or even the boot of a car and can be set up by 1 to 2 people in under 15 minutes. This WIM technology will deliver accuracy of 2.5 to 3% dynamically at speeds of up to 6kmph and +/-0.5% statically with a capacity of 20 or 30 Tons per axle..

This provides fast efficient and cost effective protection from axle and truck overloading and underloading wherever you need it! It is not however Legal for Trade in New Zealand and as such cannot be used to sell by weight.

The PT20 Weighing CPU (below left) provides the ability to process weight related data and is self-enclosed with a thermal printer in a rugged, all-weather case for use in even the most remote locations. Collect and total Axle Weight, Gross Weight vehicle ID and more.

Portable Document Format (PDF)SILodec WIM (264kb)