Working With Truck Body Builders

We work with many New Zealand Truck Body Manufacturers to provide on-board weighing solutions for their customers. If required we work with them from the early design stages to ensure the correct solution is designed and fitted.

By working closely with your design team we are able to bring our wealth of knowledge and technical support to help you deliver a more effective solution to your customers.

We are happy to talk, as we know that many truck body builds are very long term projects, so if we can help you from the beginning, we are happy to do so. This also allows us to plan the supply of the solution to you in good time to suit your production schedules and needs.

We work with you to design the right solution for your client.

We offer a range of Weigh Systems to suit all types of truck set-ups and suspension systems and what's more they can be adapted for those 'unique' jobs. We have even had custom load-cells and systems built to cater for one-off and unusual situations.

This allows you to not compromise on the design or functionality - as has often been the case when dealing with other companies who just have a 'make one size' fit attitude - with SI Lodec it is about getting the right solution for your client.

Our Products can be fitted by your staff, we even offer training if required. Alternatively we offer a full install service, either on your site or at our North and South island facilities.

At SI Lodec we have an in house R&D department that allows us to develop new and innovative solutions, test them and ensure they are ready for us on vehicles... so if you have something that others say cannot be done... talk to SI Lodec!

Amongst the things we have developed is our Bluetooth communication system to allow remote monitoring of the scales as the vehicle is loaded - imagine the Loader Driver being able to see how much he has loaded and the weight on each axle-group while loading.

By working closely with you, we provide effective solutions for your designs and to your customers.

We have grown to be New Zealand's leading supplier of on vehicle weighing systems by ensuring we do just that... plus adding that most valuable extra factor... after sales service. With 17 Staff over 2 Islands, we are able to be there when needed!

If you would like to know more about our services, support and products please give us a call.