Working With Trucking Companies

First and foremost, understand that SI Lodec isn't here for a hard sell! Instead, we focus on equipping you with pertinent insights about your sector, the nuances of your trucks, and practices adopted by others in your position.

Upon request, we'll detail a gamut of pricing options tailored to your equipment. It's only when our proposal resonates with you, striking the right chords and aligning with your financial plans, that you may choose to procure from us.

Once you've pinpointed the ideal scales, our commitment is to ensure a smooth transition. If you're in the process of having a new Truck and Trailer commissioned, we can collaborate with the manufacturers, integrating the wiring and fittings within the construction phase. Some manufacturers even install our product independently!

For those looking to retrofit an existing truck, we strategize to curtail any downtime. If it necessitates weekend installations, so be it. Just a small ask – perhaps give it a wash before we embark!

Boasting three decades of engagement with trucking enterprises akin to yours, we've honed our understanding of your aspirations. Rest assured, we excel in meeting them!