Trucking Companies

The first thing you need to know is that SI Lodec will not sell you anything! We will supply you with the information about your industry, your trucks and what others in your situation are doing.

If requested, we will provide a range of costings based on the options for your gear. Then, if what we are talking about rings the right bells and makes financial success for you... then YOU can buy off us.

Even once you have decided on some scales, we will work to make it seamless, if you are having a new Truck & Trailer built... we can work with the builders to do the wiring and fitting as part of the build process - some builders even install out product themselves!

If it is an existing truck, we can work with you to minimize time off the road... with weekend installs if we have to... although we will probably ask you to wash it before we start!

With over 20 years dealing with trucking companies like yours we know what you want... and we are great at delivering!