9700 Series Indicators

9700 Series Indicators

Look no further for the heavyweight of multichannel indicators! Featuring large easy to read displays and state of the art programmable options.

Designed for flexibility, the 9700 series Weigh Indicators are the most accurate, most reliable and easiest-to-operate on-board scale meter in the industry. They can easily be modified to meet the needs to changing system requirements.

The indicator can even combine readings from different scale systems... most of today's Logging Trucks have a Loadcell based scale system under the bolsters in the truck, but have a Smart-Air, pressure based scale system on the trailers. The 9700 series can read both systems and combine for total weights all on the same Indicator.

No other meter has the capabilities, quantities and successful track record of the 9700 series.


  • Super-Bright 15 mm high, red, seven segment LED display
  • Two-wire, non polarity sensitive, digital technology provides ultimate reliability
  • Quick two step calibration
  • Advanced calibration function for calibrating the scale without a load
  • Simple diagnostics allow each system component to be quickly checked from the meter
  • Available in one, two, three or four channel
  • Capable of monitoring individual load cell outputs
  • Quick switching from GROSS to NET and quick TARE RESET
  • Easy trailer ID function provides for interchanging multiple trailer and tractors
  • Compatible with all models of On-Board scale load cells and sensors

Only Si-Lodec offers the ease of operation of a meter that requires a simple two step calibration and the ability to diagnose the system components directly from the meter, but that’s not where it ends. Si-Lodec is dedicated to customer support and back-up offering you on call services when you need them.

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9700 Series Indicators

Si-Lodec has a full range of accessories available giving the ability to attach printers and connect into most of today's GPS Fleet management units, right through to the SI Lodec RITS wireless remote displays.

RITS - Remote Information Transfer System - was developed by SI Lodec as a new and innovative way to monitor the weight on the vehicle remotely. Whether it is the forklift driver, the loader driver or even the driver in the harvester alongside. Our powerful RITS module allows everyone to know what is happening and maximise your load - without going over the limit! And you can do it all on an Tablet or recent model Smart-phone!

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