Smart Air

Smart Air

Here it is... the weigh system that measures truck weights using both air suspension pressure (back axles) and front axle deflection giving you reliable on the go weighing, typically achieving accuracies of +/- 2%. No matter where you are.We measure the deflection on both front axles on an 8x4 - not just one, giving the most accurate reading available.

Using the world’s latest technology only SI Lodec has been able to accurately measure the suspension combinations of today's modern trucking fleet. By being able to attach a specialist air pressure transducer into the trucks airbag suspension combined with Side Mount Transducer/s on the front axle/s, SI Lodec Smart Air is able to not only give an overall loaded total, but allows the driver to see individual axle group weights. This gives you the knowledge of where the load is positioned on the truck and the ability to greater reduce the chances of over load fines and stress related damage to the vehicle, whilst maximising your load each and every time you load.

Only Smart Air offers the ease of operation of a meter, that requires only a simple two step calibration, and the ability to diagnose the system components directly from the meter. What's more, SI Lodec have developed a Bluetooth remote meter (BlueRITS) that can output the scale readings outside the truck on an Android mobile phone or tablet. This allows the person loading the truck to see what is happening with the load in real-time. SmartAir is not however Legal for Trade and not approved to be used to sell or buy based on the weight readout.

But that is not where it ends. SI Lodec is dedicated to support and back-up, offering you on call service when you need it.

Smart Air

SI Lodec has a full range of accessories available giving the ability to attach printers and connect into most of today's GPS Fleet management units, right through to BlueRITS Android remote displays.

BlueRITS was developed by SI Lodec as a new and innovative way to monitor the weight on the vehicle remotely. Whether it is the forklift driver, the loader driver or even the driver in the harvester alongside. Our powerful BlueRITS module allows everyone to know what is happening and maximise your load - without going over the limit! And you can do it all on an Android Tablet or recent model Android Smart-phone!

If you would like to know more about this or any of our other innovative products, please call our Sales Department on 07 349 4700