Smart Air

Smart Air

Presenting our state-of-the-art weighing system tailor-made for the transportation sector: This system accurately measures truck weights by harnessing both air suspension pressure (rear axles) and front axle deflection. Experience real-time, reliable weighing with a remarkable accuracy of +/- 2%, irrespective of your geographic location. For 8x4 configurations, we assess deflection on both front axles to deliver unparalleled precision.

Leveraging the latest global advancements, SI Lodec is the sole brand adept at capturing the nuanced suspension combinations of the contemporary trucking fleet. With a unique fusion of a specialized air pressure transducer in the truck's airbag suspension and the Side Mount Transducers on the front axles, our SI Lodec Smart Air system not only reveals the total loaded weight but also displays individual axle group weights.

This insight enhances your understanding of load distribution on the truck, optimizes loading efficiency, and diminishes risks associated with overloads and vehicle stress.

Smart Air is distinctive, presenting a user-friendly meter that boasts a simplified two-step calibration, coupled with in-meter diagnostic capabilities for system components. Taking innovation a step further, SI Lodec introduces the SiRITS Wireless Application, allowing scale readings to be viewed on an Android device, ensuring loaders can make real-time adjustments. However, it's crucial to note that SmartAir isn't legally approved for commercial transactions based on weight outputs.

Our dedication isn't merely product deep. SI Lodec ensures relentless support, ensuring you always have assistance when required.

Smart Air Enhancements: 
Dive into SI Lodec's vast accessory suite, compatible with numerous modern GPS Fleet management units, extending from printers to SiRITS remote displays.

SiRITS - The Remote Revolution: 
Created and crafted by SI Lodec, SiRITS transforms remote weight monitoring. It serves as an invaluable tool for diverse operators – be it the forklift or loader driver, or even those aboard harvesters. This robust module empowers all stakeholders to optimize loads without exceeding limits, all through their mobile devices.

Keen on exploring this or our spectrum of innovative solutions? Reach out to our Sales Department at 07 349 4700. We're here to elevate your transport operations.

Smart Air


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