SI Lodec On Vehicle Solutions

In today's transport landscape, the demand for precise on-board weighing is more critical than ever. With rising costs, it's essential to maximize the efficiency of each load. Additionally, the growing regulations necessitate safeguarding both your operations and your team from oversights.

For over two decades, we have set the standard in on-board weighing technology. We provide the most advanced product range across New Zealand and Australia, catering to the specific needs of the transport industry.

Key features of our on-board weighing systems include

  • Large, easy to read display
  • High accuracy scale (+/- 1% with Loadcell solutions)
  • Displays gross, net and axle group weights
  • Easy set-up and operation
  • Eliminate overload fines
  • Save time and money by maximising your load
  • Full parts warranty
  • Unparalleled after sale support

For more than 20 years, we've led and continue to lead the transport industry in cutting-edge electronic weighing technology. This positions us as the nation's top experts in on-board electronic weighing systems for vehicles. Reach out to discuss your transport and logistics needs. You'll be amazed at our capabilities and how seamlessly we can integrate solutions for you. SI LODEC stands alone in providing a wide array of additional features and enhancements as ready-to-use solutions for the transportation sector.

SI Lodec On Vehicle Solutions